I have Anxiety Disorder AND a Superpower. 

Empathy: The ability to share and understand the feelings of another.

Today, my cousin (and one of my best friends), Amy, sent me an article about the superpowers those with Anxiety Disorder posess. You can see the article here: http://awarenessact.com/ppeople-with-anxiety-disorders-are-hiding-these-5-superpowers-backed-by-science/

The thing that stood out the most to me, was the fact that those of us who struggle with Anxiety Disorder, also possess an increased of empathy. 

I Feel like this is so true! I have always fed off of the energy of others, and, to go even further, the energy of places. 

I never really thought of this as a “superpower”, or even something out of the norm. I never gave much of a second thought to it at all, or linked it to my Anxiety Disorder. 

But, after talking to people that both do, and don’t, suffer from Anxiety, there does seem to be a pattern. 

I, personally, love the GIFT of empathy. I am thankful to be able to relate and understand others. I feel more connected to people. I think empathy and compassion go hand in hand. 

I have a love and appreciation for people in all walks of life. I feel for those who are hurting, and I’m happy for those who are happy. 

The article also stated that this who have Anxiety Disorder also have the ability to see the energy in others, have “life-saving instinct”, a heightened IQ, and are able to see through lies. 

Think about it. All of these “superpowers” stemming from a disorder. There are so many good things that can come from something “bad”. 

Some days, I’m thankful for my disorder. Without it, I wouldn’t be the person I am today. Sure, there are bad days, but there have been so many times I got to help others through difficult times. (Even if it was just lending an ear.) 

If you are struggling with the fact that you have Anxiety Disorder, try to turn it around and make it into something awesome. Turn your disorder into a superpower, and use it for good! 

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