Three ways People with a Mental Illness are Asking for Help without Actually Asking

Each year, about 42.5 million Americans are suffering with a mental illness. That’s nearly one in every five. This could mean Anxiety Disorder, Bipolar Disorder, Chronic Depression, Schizophrenia, etc.

Mental illnesses tend to be silent killers. People will fight with their sickness, without telling anyone. It’s not something you can physically see, but is VERY real. For those not suffering from a mental disorder, it may be easy to overlook the signs that a loved one is suffering.


How do you know if someone is screaming for help? Here are three signs to look for:

Becoming Distant:
If someone is suffering with their depression, anxiety, etc., they might tend to make themselves distant from loved ones. They will become quiet, and keep to themselves. This doesn’t necessarily mean they don’t want to be helped. It may just mean that they are afraid to ask for it. They may be scared of being a burden. Don’t look past it. Reach out to them.

Acting out: 

If your loved ones aren’t acting like themselves, there could be a good reason. Sometimes, people “act out” in hopes to bring attention to the fact that they need help. They may not come out and tell you directly. A lot of people are quick to judge, and assume there isn’t a good reason behind a person’s negative actions. But, sometimes, there are very good reasons. Offering help might make more of a difference than you think.


Hinting around:

Sometimes people are afraid, or embarrassed to come out and tell you that they’re suffering. They may hint around about it when talking to you. They won’t say it out right, but you should be able to notice. With it being the age of Social Media, you can also pay attention to your loved one’s posts.



Suicide is the last scream for help when it comes to this. It is the leading cause of premature death among people with mental illnesses. Don’t wait until it’s too late to pay attention. Don’t wait until your loved one is gone to realize they’re suffering. Look at them. Love them. Talk to them.


If you are struggling with your mental illness, PLEASE GET HELP. Do not be afraid to ask for it. Just know that there is always someone that will listen. There is someone that cares about you. I CARE ABOUT YOU.



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I have Anxiety Disorder AND a Superpower. 

Empathy: The ability to share and understand the feelings of another.

Today, my cousin (and one of my best friends), Amy, sent me an article about the superpowers those with Anxiety Disorder posess. You can see the article here:

The thing that stood out the most to me, was the fact that those of us who struggle with Anxiety Disorder, also possess an increased of empathy. 

I Feel like this is so true! I have always fed off of the energy of others, and, to go even further, the energy of places. 

I never really thought of this as a “superpower”, or even something out of the norm. I never gave much of a second thought to it at all, or linked it to my Anxiety Disorder. 

But, after talking to people that both do, and don’t, suffer from Anxiety, there does seem to be a pattern. 

I, personally, love the GIFT of empathy. I am thankful to be able to relate and understand others. I feel more connected to people. I think empathy and compassion go hand in hand. 

I have a love and appreciation for people in all walks of life. I feel for those who are hurting, and I’m happy for those who are happy. 

The article also stated that this who have Anxiety Disorder also have the ability to see the energy in others, have “life-saving instinct”, a heightened IQ, and are able to see through lies. 

Think about it. All of these “superpowers” stemming from a disorder. There are so many good things that can come from something “bad”. 

Some days, I’m thankful for my disorder. Without it, I wouldn’t be the person I am today. Sure, there are bad days, but there have been so many times I got to help others through difficult times. (Even if it was just lending an ear.) 

If you are struggling with the fact that you have Anxiety Disorder, try to turn it around and make it into something awesome. Turn your disorder into a superpower, and use it for good! 

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Coping with the Diagnosis of Anxiety Disorder

Just because you’ve been diagnosed with Anxiety Disorder, doesn’t mean you’re a different person than you were before. 

images (2).jpg


First and foremost: If you’ve been diagnosed with Anxiety Disorder, do not let anyone tell you, or make you feel like it’s nothing. It is something. It’s a serious disorder. Don’t let other people tell you how to handle it. If you need medication, take it. If medication doesn’t work for you, then don’t take it. If natural remedies are what you need, then do them. Do what YOU need to do to help yourself. They say when there’s turbulence in a plane, to put your oxygen mask on first. This is good advice. You have to help yourself first sometimes, to be able to take care of others.

Your mental health is vital to living a good life. Living in a bad mental state can lead to a bad physical state. Stress can cause so much damage. Make sure to take the necessary steps for keeping your mind as healthy as it can be.



Second of all, while you should take your diagnosis seriously, you should not let it rule your life. You are so much more than your disorder. It is only a small part of what makes you, you. Your brain may be wired a little differently than most people’s, but that doesn’t mean it’s broken.

I have Anxiety Disorder, but I am also a wife, a daughter, a sister, a photographer, an adventurer, and a believer. And, even all of those things are just a fraction of what makes me who I am.

There’s a lot to you, too. Don’t let go of who you are. Don’t drop everything else, and cater to your disorder.



Lastly, just keep breathing. Take it one day at a time. Don’t panic because the future seems scary. Don’t think about the bad days that might happen. Think about all the good days you have ahead of you. And, there WILL be good days. Lots of them.

Getting diagnosed with Anxiety Disorder isn’t the end of the world for you, even though it may feel like it sometimes. The world; YOUR world, will keep turning.

life goes on 2.jpg


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Anxious Girl//Big City

I went to Chicago, IL this weekend. I wanted to share some of my photos with you all, along with give you some inspiration!

As most of you know, I struggle almost daily with my anxiety. I decided that I wanted to go to Chicago, and I wasn’t going to let my anxiety keep me from going! I made up my mind that I was going to be strong, and go on an adventure. And, that’s exactly what I did. 

Now, while I have learned to control my anxiety disorder… to an extent… my sister is a slightly different story. She has severe anxiety as well, and just has not learned how  put mind over matter all the time yet. But Guys! I am so proud of her. She wanted to go to Chicago with us! Usually, this wouldn’t even cross her mind. 

She did not let her anxiety define her, and took the five hour trip. She was so excited to see everything. She even chose some of our activities, like the river boat tour. 

Moral of my story: DO NOT LET YOUR DISORDER CONTROL YOUR LIFE. Go on adventures. See new things. You will be so glad you did it. There’s no feeling like the feeling of overcoming your fears, and living! 

So, here’s to me and my sister overcoming our disorder, and everyone else like us doing the same. We are going to live life to the fullest, and nothing is going to stop us!

Anxious Girl: You are Going Places.

On top of making you feel depressed, anxious, and crazy, Anxiety Disorder can make you feel like you will never achieve your goals. It can make you feel like you are inferior to everyone around you. 

images (1)

-Anxious girl: Do not be afraid to chase those dreams. 

Just because you have Anxiety Disorder, doesn’t mean you can’t make something of yourself. Do not let your disorder determine your success in life. You can do whatever you want. 

Be an inspiration to others. Just because you have a disorder, doesn’t mean your dreams are less important. Prove all the stereotypes wrong. Prove all the people who doubted you, wrong. 

Go out into the world and make something of yourself. Do not be afraid to dream big. 


Anxious girl: Don’t listen to the negative thoughts inside your head. 

When you struggle with anxiety, your mind can be a pretty dark place.

The thoughts of never being good enough are always circulating inside your brain. STOP LISTENING TO THOSE THOUGHTS. You are always going to be your own worst critic. 

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve talked myself out of going for my goals. I’ve told myself I wasn’t good enough. I’ve questioned my abilities. I’ve felt like a total failure because of my anxiety. But, NO MORE! I am taking control of my life and chasing my goals. I’m no longer believing the cruel things I’ve thought about myself. 

You just have to realize that not everything you think about yourself is true. 


Anxious girl: You’ll be surprised at how successful you can be. 

Success isn’t limited to anyone in particular. It’s not for a certain type of people. Everyone is capable of success. It doesn’t matter if you have a mental disorder. What matters is your determination. I am confident that my anxiety is not going stop me from becoming successful. 

You are not your disorder. You are so much more than that. You are you, and that’s pretty spectacular. You have the capability of greatness. 


Anxious girl: you are going to go places. You are going to do great things. You are going to be so much more than your disorder. 

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Why my Faith is Strong Despite my Disorder

I have had many battles with my anxiety disorder. Have I won each fight? Absolutely not. It has knocked me down and beaten me HARD. But, I will always get back up. I will always keep fighting against it. And, I will always have my faith. Here’s why:

 My faith gives me a reason to fight. 

Faith gives me so many reasons to keep going. I’m going to be real with you guys: it got pretty dark for me for a while. I was depressed, thinking about giving up, having terrible thoughts, and stayed in a constant state of panic. I couldn’t control my own mind 90% of the time. 

God says that faith the size of a mustard seed can move mountains. That has to be true, because mustard seed faith was ALL I had. I feel like I used every last bit of my faith I had left in me to beg God one more time to help me. There I was, in my living room floor, sobbing, and begging that God would help me. I had reached my limit. If I bent any further, I was going to break in two. 

It was in that exact moment that I felt something I hadn’t felt in a long time: relief. I had renewed hope for my life. I felt like I could breathe again. For so long, I had been barely getting by. I couldn’t enjoy life. I couldn’t even step outside my front door without falling apart. The things that passed through my head were awful. I wouldn’t wish it on my worst enemy. Feeling a sense of relief was definitely welcomed. 

Of course, I had hard days. (I still do.) But, I knew that God would get me through it. 

My faith is strong now, because of the things my disorder has put me through. If I hadn’t have been at such a low point in my life, I wouldn’t have experienced being pulled out of it. And, that’s a feeling I’ll never forget. 

I am so thankful that I held onto my faith, even if it was just by a thread. I am so thankful to be here today. I’m even thankful for my bad days, because I know that I am strong enough to get through them. I am strong, and my faith makes me stronger everyday. 
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Do not be Ashamed of your Disorder

To those of you struggling with a mental disorder: DO NOT BE ASHAMED OF IT. Don’t be afraid to talk about it. You don’t have to hide it from the world. You are allowed to be different from others, and still be equal to them. 

Here’s how I look at it: 

I was given my disorder for a reason I have a purpose. I could spend my life being ashamed and suffering in silence, but I am worth more than that. (And so are you.) 

Some days, I think I can’t handle it. Some days, I feel like I have it under control. But, everyday, I know I am made the way I am for a reason. 

If I can help just one person because of my disorder, my purpose has been fulfilled. 

You can talk about your disorder.

Do not let others make you feel inferior because your mind works differently. Don’t be scared to open up about it, and help people to understand. I personally think people judge those of us with mental disorders simply because they don’t understand it. So, make sure to inform them. 

Embrace the person you are. 

You were put on this earth to be you. No one can do it better. Do not think of your mental disorder as something that holds you back, but rather something that makes you unique and strong. Because, if you have a mental disorder, and still living your life, YOU ARE SO STRONG. 

You have to remember how great you are. You have to remember that your disorder does not define you. It does not limit you from greatness. 

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