A Thank You to those that Love Someone with Anxiety.

To those of you married to someone with an anxiety disorder, the parents, the siblings, the friends supporting people with a mental illness: this is for you.

I think it takes a special kind of person to love someone with anxiety, unconditionally.

As someone that has anxiety, I know just how much patience it takes to deal with loving me. It takes understanding, and a kind heart.

If you are loving someone through their mental illness, you are more of a hero than you know. Every hug, late night talk, and reassuring smile makes us feel a little more normal again.

To those of you that sit in silence with us when we can’t find the words: you are speaking volumes.

To those of you that treat us like a normal human being, because that’s what we are: you make us feel sane.

To those of you that take the time to actually listen when we just need an ear: you’re helping us to get our emotions and feelings off our chests.

Living with a mental illness can be frustrating, challenging, lonely, and sometimes unbearable. But, having at least one person that knows just what to do, can make a huge difference in our lives.

You may not understand why we are the way we are, but you love us anyway. And, that is impressive. You will probably get aggravated with us. (Hell, we get aggravated with ourselves!) But, you don’t leave. You always stick by us. And, that is impressive. You show us compassion, even on the days we don’t want it. And, that is impressive.

YOU are impressive.

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Five Quotes from ‘Alice in Wonderland’ that are Actually Great Pieces of Advice

If I’m being completely honest here, I have to tell you that the movie, “Alice in Wonderland” scared me to death as a child! But, now that I’ve re-watched, as an adult, I actually found that there are pretty solid pieces of Advice throughout the film. 


It’s ok to not where you’re going or where you’ll end up at all times. The road you’re taking will eventually get you where you need to be. 


 Don’t beat yourself for being “different” or “weird”. Everbody has their own quirks. We’re all unique, and that’s a great thing! 


I personally love this one. It’s a reminder for me to keep going and keeping growing as a person. Always try to be better than the person you were yesterday. 


Don’t judge others. We all have our problems. We’re all human and we all make mistakes. 


This quote reminds me to use my imagination and get inspired. Growing up doesn’t mean we need to lose our imagination. That’s what makes art. 

 There are so many more great quotable moments in “Alice in Wonderland”, but these are just a few of my personal favorites. I think we can all learn a little something from each character in the movie. It’s alright to be different; you just have to love yourself. ♡ 
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Why it’s so Hard to Care in 2017…

As you’ve probably noticed, we’re living in the era of “butthurt”. This means everyone is offended by something. (Or everything.)

For your consideration, I’ve made a list of topics to avoid so that you don’t offend anyone: 

– politics (either side of the spectrum)

– religion (any of them) 

– parenting (this includes but is not limited to: breast feeding, bottle feeding, bed times, education, natural birth verses c-section, the color of their nurseries, and names)

– veganism (Or vegetarianism) 

-eating meat (hunting and farming also included) 

– Donald Trump (Or the first lady, or any of the Trump kids, or his orange-ness)

– Hilary Clinton (This includes emails)

– Christmas (holidays in general)

– music, t.v. shows, books 

– cotton

– the weather

– your favorite color (it may be offensive)

– art 

– the color of the sky

– What day of the week it is
Basically, just don’t post ANYTHING on social media, if you’re afraid of starting an argument. I actually saw a political fight start on a post about a pot roast recipe! 

All joking aside, I’m a caring person. I empathize and sympathize. I try to relate to everyone. I see the good in everybody. It hurts me to see others hurting. Point is… I care. I’m a bleeding heart. 
But, everyday, I’m seeing people all around me caring less and less. And, I can’t blame them. 

Arguments are everywhere. Political and religious views are ripping families apart. Racism and prejudice seem to be running wild across the nation. Neighbors fighting neighbors. Family fighting family. 

We have to stop fighting each other, and start fighting FOR each other. 

Having different opinions isn’t a bad thing. It’s what makes our nation great. Freedom means we have a right to be different. It’s being able to be you: whether that’s straight or gay, Christian or Atheist, Republican or Democrat. 

You certainly do not need to agree with everyone around you. In fact, that would be boring. 

What we DO need to do is love each other. We are all humans. We’re so much more alike than we think. Our bond should go deeper than the political party we associate with. 

Stop judging your neighbor for the way they vote, who or how they worship (Or don’t worship), the lifestyle they choose, their sexual orientation, or their race. 

Honestly, I can’t even believe the above sentence needs to be said in 2017. But, here we are. 

It’s hard to care. But that doesn’t mean we stop. It just means we need to try harder. 

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I have some advice for you, so listen up:

Stop apologizing for who you are. Do not be ashamed of being unique. The world has a serious shortage of originality these days. 

 You are allowed to be different.

You are allowed to have a mind of your own.

You are allowed to be happy with yourself. 

You are allowed to be you. 

Insecurity can set in and be a real downer. We have opinions being shoved down our throats from every direction on how we should look, feel, and act. Everyone wants to fit the mold. But why? 

Make your own mold. Make it unique and beautiful. Throw some glitter on it. Make your mold be set apart from all the other ones. 

Don’t worry about all the other people living the life of no originality. Let your personality shine so bright, people need sunglasses to look in your direction. 

Be fearless in what makes you happy. You only get one life to live. Don’t waste it being afraid of fitting into society’s definition of greatness. Worry about YOUR definition of greatness.

So here’s to all of you: 

The dreamers. The bookworms. The loners. The artists. The athletes. The misfits. The thinkers. The workers. The people. 

You are all your own kind of beautiful. ♡

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What to Expect when Dating a Creative Minded Person

If you’re lucky enough to be in a relationship with a creative person, here’s a list of things that you can expect from us: 


We have so many ideas going through our brain at all times. This may cause us to become quiet and stare off into space from time to time. Don’t worry, it’s normal for us. we love to dream about the future and different projects to do.

We spend a lot of time inside our heads. There’s nothing better than a good daydream. We get inspired and there’s no stopping us. 



Late Nights.

For some unknown reason, our best ideas come to us at 1:00 a.m. Why? We don’t know. Maybe it’s the night air. Maybe it’s the millions of stars shining bright above us. 

Sometimes, I go outside at midnight, just to soak up the inspiration. I see fields of fireflies, and hear the tree frogs chirping. It’s so calming. It allows me to tune everything else out and work on whatever project I have going on.

When we start a project, we’re not going to drop it until it’s done, even if that means staying up all night. You feel free to go to bed. We’re going to continue making art! 




Our brains are all over the place. It’s like a computer with 238,463 tabs open at once. Sometimes we forget to run an errand. Sometimes the house goes un-cleaned for the day, because we were to wrapped up in our art. 




We tend to be easy excitable… just in general. The smallest things can make us happy. It can be something as simple as a good combination of colors, or finding something awesome at a thrift shop. 

We’re passionate people. We put our heart and soul into everything we do. So, we get excited when we see the end results. 

We will want you to be excited with us, too. That’s just who we are. We want others to be a part of our happiness, too. We want everyone else to see the beauty in things. 


Sometimes you’ll just have to bear with us and all of our craziness. We can be a hot mess. But, we also have passion. We have a love for life, and an appreciation for the little things in life. 


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Three Reasons to go on as Many Adventures as Possible



I have an adventurous soul. I’m always daydreaming about the places I want to go and the things I want to see. I have a bucket list a mile long.

You don’t have to have money to be adventurous. Life is full of adventure. Even small ones are good for the soul. You can go for a walk with your camera and photograph as many things as possible, go on a small road trip, camp out under the stars, etc.

Here are three reasons I believe you should go on as many adventures as possible in your life time:

Adventures take your mind off of the daily stress.

  • Everyday life can be a lot to handle. There are bills to pay, deadlines to meet, responsibilities to withhold, and chores to accomplish. Allow yourself to take a small adventure and clear your mind. I personally love to go for walks right at sunset, when the air is cool. It’s so relaxing and eliminates more stress than you would think.


There’s too much out there to ignore.

  • I don’t know about you, but I’m just too curious about what the world holds. I can’t imagine going my whole life without seeing new things. You don’t even have to go far to see new things. This is so cliche, but stop and smell those roses!



Life is just too short. 

  • Life is short, and it goes by fast. You won’t regret the things you didn’t do, if you do them. There’s gotta be more to life than working, paying bills, and dying. There’s more to life than just existing. There’s more to life thanWe were made to explore. We were made for adventure.



I hope, from the bottom of my heart, that you find adventure. I hope that you see all there is to see, and that your soul is happy.


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