Why it’s so Hard to Care in 2017…

As you’ve probably noticed, we’re living in the era of “butthurt”. This means everyone is offended by something. (Or everything.)

For your consideration, I’ve made a list of topics to avoid so that you don’t offend anyone: 

– politics (either side of the spectrum)

– religion (any of them) 

– parenting (this includes but is not limited to: breast feeding, bottle feeding, bed times, education, natural birth verses c-section, the color of their nurseries, and names)

– veganism (Or vegetarianism) 

-eating meat (hunting and farming also included) 

– Donald Trump (Or the first lady, or any of the Trump kids, or his orange-ness)

– Hilary Clinton (This includes emails)

– Christmas (holidays in general)

– music, t.v. shows, books 

– cotton

– the weather

– your favorite color (it may be offensive)

– art 

– the color of the sky

– What day of the week it is
Basically, just don’t post ANYTHING on social media, if you’re afraid of starting an argument. I actually saw a political fight start on a post about a pot roast recipe! 

All joking aside, I’m a caring person. I empathize and sympathize. I try to relate to everyone. I see the good in everybody. It hurts me to see others hurting. Point is… I care. I’m a bleeding heart. 
But, everyday, I’m seeing people all around me caring less and less. And, I can’t blame them. 

Arguments are everywhere. Political and religious views are ripping families apart. Racism and prejudice seem to be running wild across the nation. Neighbors fighting neighbors. Family fighting family. 

We have to stop fighting each other, and start fighting FOR each other. 

Having different opinions isn’t a bad thing. It’s what makes our nation great. Freedom means we have a right to be different. It’s being able to be you: whether that’s straight or gay, Christian or Atheist, Republican or Democrat. 

You certainly do not need to agree with everyone around you. In fact, that would be boring. 

What we DO need to do is love each other. We are all humans. We’re so much more alike than we think. Our bond should go deeper than the political party we associate with. 

Stop judging your neighbor for the way they vote, who or how they worship (Or don’t worship), the lifestyle they choose, their sexual orientation, or their race. 

Honestly, I can’t even believe the above sentence needs to be said in 2017. But, here we are. 

It’s hard to care. But that doesn’t mean we stop. It just means we need to try harder. 

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