Five Must-Do things this Holiday Season

Are you as obsessed with the holiday season as I am? (I don’t know if that’s possible!) Do you need to do every Christmassy-is that a word?- thing there is to do? 

Here’s my top five things I feel are “Must-Do” throughout December: 
1. Go to a light show. 

This year, my husband and I went to the St. Louis Zoo for their light display. It was beautiful! It’s definitely something that will put you into the Christmas spirit! They’re usually decently low on the price scale, too. (We paid $10 a ticket, and it was worth every penny.) There’s just something magical about walking through the beautiful colors. 

2. Go ice skating. 

This is such a fun activity. It’s something the whole family can enjoy together. It brings the feeling of snow to those of us that haven’t got to experience it first hand yet, this year. It’s always so picturesque, too. 

3. Visit your nearest city. 

There’s just something about christmas time in the city. There’s really nothing like it. Everything is lit up and festive. There are holiday activities everywhere you look. Spending time in the city during December is one of my favorite things to do, for sure! 

4. Bake Christmas cookies.

Want to feel like a kid again? Just make some cookies! I love decorating them. It’s something I did with my grandma as a kid. It’s super in-expensve, but will make great memories! 

5. Take advantage of store decorations. 

This is a little goofy, but I love to take photos of the Christmas displays at stores. They’re always so beautiful! Some of them look straight out of a Christmas card. Some of my favorite holiday photos this year came from store set-ups!

Merry Christmas and happy holidays from my family, to yours! 

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A Collection of Christmas Photos to make your Soul Happy


The Christmas season is in full swing! It’s my absolute favorite time of the year. There is nothing that makes my soul happier than seeing the streets glowing with Christmas lights. I love cheesy Hallmark movies, the bustle of the shops, giving gifts, and seeing family. And, we can’t forget Christmas music! That may be my favorite thing of all!



The photographer in me screams with joy starting the day I see my first holiday decoration. If it sparkles, you bet I’ll be taking a picture of it! So, here’s a collection of some of my favorites from the year so far:


I hope you all have a fantastic holiday season!


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Photography and my Anxiety Disorder 

I have a lot of things that help me with my anxiety: a wonderful husband, a supportive family, great friends, home remedies, and of course, the right medication. But, I want to tell you about how my passion for photography has helped me cope with my disorder. 

I was diagnosed with Anxiety Disorder as a teenager. About a year after the diagnosis is when I picked up photography. (Here’s a shout out to my photographer mom that introduced me to it.) I’ve been doing it about nine years now. To say it’s my passion would be an understatement. It is a huge part of my life. My camera goes everywhere I go. 

Here’s why: whenever I feel an anxiety attack coming on, I can pick up my camera, and escape both reality, and the thoughts inside my head. It allows me to have a break from the panic. 

On top of that, it allows me to create art whenever I want. 

Photography is now my full time job. It is my way of contributing to my husband’s salary, and I can’t express how thankful I am to be able to do what I love for a living. 

But, it’s not just an income for me. It’s a way of life. I don’t just do it because I get paid to do it. My “passion projects” as I call them, are my favorite things to do. I don’t get paid to do them, but I do get to create art, and work through my anxiety. It’s therapy for me. Whether there’s money in it, or not, I will always have my camera ready. 

“Photography is therapy for the eyes, mind, and soul.”

When you suffer from Anxiety disorder, (Or ANY mental disorder, for that matter), and you can find something that helps, you do it. You do it as much as you can. 

Art heals. That, I know to be true. It’s one of the most therapeutic things on Earth. I can’t imagine life without it. In fact, it’s amazing just how many people have been effected by art. 

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