What to do in Jefferson City in Six Hours

We took an Amtrak train to Jefferson City, MO this past weekend. (Which, by the way, I totally recommend taking a train instead of driving! Really adds to the experience!) We were there for about 6 hours, and fit a lot of stuff into that short amount of time! 

1. Capitol Hill

Capitol Hill is beautiful. There is so much to see! There are monuments, fountains, a waterfall, a beautiful view of the river, and of course: the Capitol building. 

You can spend a lot of time just seeing all of the landscaping around the Hill. Then, you can take a tour inside the building. They offer guided tours, and self-guided options. 

As a bonus, Carnahan Garden is right across the street, and it is BEAUTIFUL.

 2. The Missouri State Penitentiary 

The Missouri State Penitentiary was a functioning prison from 1836-2004. While it’s no longer used as a prison, they do offer tours. I definitely recommend doing this. 

The regular two hour tour is $15 a person and you get to see the courtyard, two of the buildings, the dungeon and the gas chamber . You’re also allowed to take as many photos as you’d like.

They also offer five and eight hour ghost tours, if you happen to be staying there overnight! 

3. The Governer’s Mansion

The Governor’s mansion is gorgeous. They do offer tours, but even if you don’t take one, I would definitely recommend at least stopping by for a photo op! 

4. The Downtown Area. 

There is a good variety of places to eat in Downtown Jefferson City. We ate at J.P. Fenny’s. Good food at affordable prices! 

There are also a ton of adorable shops to check out while you’re there . 
Everything in Jefferson City is so beautiful. It has a peaceful, small town feel to it, while still having plenty of amenities!

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Happy 20th to Harry Potter!

Wow! Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone turns 20 today! Anyone else feeling old yet?  I know I am!

If you’re in anything like me, Harry Potter has been a huge part of your life. The first book came out when I was 4 years old! So, I really don’t remember a life before Harry Potter. I mean, my 15 year old sister was born into an already Harry Potter obsessed world.

Let’s reminisce on a few things Harry Potter has taught us:

1. Love can save. 

Harry’s mom, Lily, showed us that a mother’s love could save a child’s life. The love she had for her son was so strong, and so pure, it saved Harry from death. We also got to watch the love and bonds grow between our three beloved main characters, showing us that they were stronger together.

2. You can’t judge a book by the cover. 

Snape is a prime example for us not to judge a book by the cover. As it turns out, he was there to protect Harry the whole time. Everyone thought he was teaming up with the “Dark Lord”, but he was actually just honoring Dumbledore’s wishes.

–Side note: I never doubted Snape!

3. The underdog is important. 

Whenever you’re feeling like you don’t have much to offer, just think about Neville Longbottom. We watched him fumble and make mistakes through the whole series. But, look who ended up saving the whole day. He turned out to be one of the most important people in the fight against the Death Eaters. Don’t underestimate the underdogs!

4. Some things are worth dying for. 

You can look at a number of characters, in a number of different instances to see that they all had causes they would die for. Harry, Hermione, and Ron risked their lives for one another a countless amount of times.

5. Good will always triumph over evil. 

This is the main thing I’ve taken away from the Harry Potter series. No matter what you face, or how bad things may get, good will always win in the end. When good pairs with good, the force can be nearly unstoppable.



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